Progress Reports

Progress Reports
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January 2020

Hello Mast Way Families,

Happy New Year! As we return to school, I want to provide an update about progress reports, which will come out later this month.

This year progress reports will be sent home in two ways:

  1. Electronically, like it has been for the past many years
  2. On paper, in an envelope, in your child’s backpack, like it was for many, many years before!

Why the change?

The electronic progress reports are a great way to save paper. However, we also know that, for other families, electronic progress reports are a challenge to access and read.

Additionally, and most importantly, there is an essential interaction that takes place when teachers and students talk about progress reports and when students are responsible for presenting their progress report to the adults in their home. Elementary school is the time for building work habits (ex: being responsible, communicating) and growth mindset (ex: learning from challenges, persevering, setting goals). The act of receiving a progress report from one’s teacher and presenting it to one’s adults at home, helps foster this learning.


  1. The electronic portal will open the same day that students bring home their paper progress reports. The SAU coordinates the opening of the electronic portal and they will send out information about that date in January.
  2. Paper progress reports will be sent home in an envelope with a space for a signature. Please read and keep the progress report, and sign and return the envelope. The signature shows us (and your child) that you read the report, and we’ll reuse the envelope for June’s progress report.
  3. Even if you read the progress report on-line, please sign and return the envelope.


We hope that this change will be positive and help support communication between school and home.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Misty Lowe
Interim Principal
Mast Way School