Core Values

The parents and staff members of Mast Way Elementary School have identified these core values to guide the children and adults of our community.


Respect for oneself and others, with our commonalities and differences, will guide the actions and rules, the teaching and learning environments of the Mast Way community. We will respect the natural world. We will treat others as we would like to be treated.


We will strive to act with integrity, to match our actions to our values. We will think for ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions. We will have the courage to do the right thing, even when others disagree.


We will cultivate curiosity about life and enthusiasm for learning. We will develop the skills, knowledge, and strategies to become self-directed learners and to succeed in literacy, mathematics, science, social science, technology, and the arts.


We will take responsibility for our own learning. We will be willing to take risks and explore our strengths and weaknesses. We will create an environment in which everyone is challenged to achieve his or her personal best.


We believe our lives are richer when we are part of a community. That community can be as small as our family or school, as large as our country or world. Our community is strengthened when we cooperate, respect community standards, include everyone, resolve conflicts, and give of ourselves in a spirit of service.